The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music ExperienceOur Sound of Music workshop is a one day experience which introduces the children to musical theatre and the many creative challenges that are involved in putting together a production. Each child will help to create the show, have a role within the show and the opportunity to perform alongside professional singers.

Throughout the day they will take part in different activities to help put together a performance at the end of day. The different activities cover many diverse elements of the required curriculum in a fun and stimulating way to create a unique show.  As well as of course singing and acting the activities include staging, prop building and creating theme based costume pieces which the children can keep.

Half Day Workshop -The Sound of_Music nuns

Our Enthusiastic Sound of Music Workshop Nuns!

Half Day Workshop Performance - The Sound of Music

The day starts with a short assembly for all of the children involved in that day’s activities. This enables us to introduce ourselves and the production to the children, giving them an insight into what the day holds for them, as well as taking part in a vocal and physical warmup. From here, the classes then split to start the days activities. At the end of the school day the children then come together again to perform their production.

The show is also an opportunity for parents and teachers to see what the days hard work has produced while the children are able to watch the performance, seeing where in the show their important part comes into play.

The Sound of Music Experience“We all really enjoyed it and will sing your praises to whoever you need me to! It was great working with you all!”
– (Teacher, KS2, Wharncliff Primary School)

We will provide you with a timetable of events for the day in advance so you and your staff are fully aware of what will be taking place. Along with this, you will receive a detailed list of supplies that will be used throughout the day and lesson plans for some of the lessons. We are happy to answer any questions you may have leading up to our visit – we want you to be as informed and comfortable about the days proceedings as possible.

The Sound of Music ExperienceThis workshop works perfectly for around 90 – 120 children in both key stage 1 and 2. If you have a larger school or would like to share the expense with another nearby school, we can offer a two day deal or another arrangement to suit your needs. We will help you to choose the best option to ensure that every child has the chance to take part and be seen in the performance, with the opportunity and space to invite all parents along to see the end result.


The Sound of Music Experience“Sid came home singing, no, belting out ‘My Favourite Things’.
He was telling me about enunciating the ‘d’ on the end of ‘bad’.
You really got through to him and he was overjoyed. Well done!:)”
– (Parent Codicote School, KS1)

“I thought your voices were amazing and it must have taken loads of planning.
I loved it!!!!!!!! Thank you! Wow!”
– (Year 5 child)

“I liked all of it but enjoyed most the acting, thank you for the day!”
– (Year 3 child)

“I loved every part of it and my favourite part was singing
and my favourite song was Do Re Mi”

– (Year 3 child)